Que Es Un Ace En Golf?

An ace in golf is a score of ‘1’ on any given hole. In other words, ‘ace’ is another term for a hole-in-one — the golfer knocks the ball into the hole on his or her first swing.
Ace: Hoyo en un solo golpe.

What is an Eagles in golf?

Eagle – An ‘ Eagle ‘ is when a golfer scores two fewer strokes than par on an individual golf hole. Ex: 3 strokes on a par-5 hole. Eagles are most commonly achieved by reaching a par-5 green in 2 strokes, then completing the hole with one putt.

What is an E score in golf?

Even – ‘Even’ (‘E’) can be used to describe a golfer’s score when it is equal to the combined par of all holes that they’ve completed.

What are the scoring terms in golf?

Golf Scoring Terms Cheat Sheet Golf Scoring Term Explanation Stroke Any forward club swing that’s intended t Par The number of strokes an expert player i Birdie One stroke under par on an individual ho Eagle Two strokes under par on an individual h 7 more rows

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